What our clients say

“I have been a proud member of JogSquad for more than 5 years and FitStart for the last 4 months. This mix is great as FitStart allows me to do strength training that I need for my running. Firstly, joining JogSquad was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was an inexperienced jogger when I first joined JogSquad but with Duck as my trainer within six months I completed my first 10km race. I then went on to do my first half marathon and now I can add 3 marathons to my achievements. Duck is passionate about fitness and whether I am doing FitStart or JogSquad her energy and enthusiasm shines through in every session and it’s infectious.”
– Karyn, Business Manager, Khandallah, JogSquad and FitStart


“I joined FitStart nearly a year ago when I needed to do some strength training to accompany my running. A year later and I am still a regular member at FitStart despite the 6am starts! I can now do exercises that I never dreamed of doing before, all thanks to the awesome energetic trainers who challenge you but at the same time, add a bit of fun so that working out at that time of the morning does not feel like a chore. The trainers are knowledgable and passionate about what they do. Every workout is tough but rewarding and always different; you never know what you are in for each session. Despite giving the trainers the odd evil stare throughout the workout, and walking away from each session sore and shattered, I still turn up for the next one – it’s addictive!”
Melinda, Accountant, Ngaio, FitStart


“I have been running with JogSquad for about 7 years and I’m not alone in the repeat performances – there are so many girls that are regulars now it’s like catching up with your mates every Monday and Wednesday! I know the reason we come back again and again is down to Duck – she always goes above and beyond what you would ever expect a trainer to do. Duck is the most positive, encouraging and supportive trainer I have ever met – she works with integrity and I completely trust the advice she gives. Through her training with JogSquad I have completed several half-marathons, ran the Tongariro Crossing and finished the Abel Tasman Marathon. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Duck as a trainer to anyone wanting to get results and work with a trainer who really does care about you!.”
Trudy, mum of two, Porirua, JogSquad


“JogSquad is fun and challenging; supportive with a bit of competition if you want it. Duck is a fantastic trainer and gets me doing things I never thought I could do. I get an amazing sense of satisfaction from achieving new goals (even if I am growling throughout the run). Jog squad leaves you feeling exhilarated. I also feel so much more connected with Wellington and have been to places I didn’t know existed. The group is just awesome and keeps me coming back time and again.” – Loren, HR Consultant, Brooklyn, JogSquad

“I only took up running aged 38 when it was clear I needed to get some exercise but I didn’t want to join a gym. Lots of people suggest Duck’s JogSquad, but I was hesitant; I was always the kid at the back when I was at school, so I was pretty nervous about running with a group. But it has ended up being the best decision; Duck and the other JogSquadders really supported me and encouraged me. I now run events and look forward to every JogSquad session. It’s my time to focus on myself; not my job or my family, just me. I may still be at the back, but I never get left behind.”
Kimberley, Johnsonville, JogSquad