Duck Patten

I have had a love for sports and activity for as long as I can remember. At 18, I trained as a kayaking, rafting, climbing and mountaineering guide. When that didn’t quite hit the spot, an interest in health and fitness drew me to study Personal Training, and I spent an enjoyable five years working in a world class gym in Wellington.

After a stint working for a fun and creative outdoor workout company in London, which combined my skills as a personal trainer and my love of the outdoors, I haven’t looked back. I now run Wild Workouts, which is my own outdoor workout business.

I have a great work-life balance as I realised years ago that the demands of my job requires efficient use of time and more importantly great nutrition. Exercise has kept me happy and healthy and I think everyone should find the time to do exercise everyday in some shape or form.

“…everything you need to get fit and look great is all around, get outdoors and transform yourself!”

Owner, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer and JogSquad Trainer


Karen van Rensburg (KVR)

I have always had a passion for exercise and a drive and burning desire to push myself harder and achieve a body that looks after itself. I started training with Wild Workouts in 2011, 30 kg’s heavier, and realised there are two other extremely important elements to training… being and feeling inspired and nutrition. They always say you are what you eat, but I have also come to the conclusion that you only train as well as you eat. I have recently completed my Personal Training qualification and change my career from IT to something that is my passion, guiding others in their fitness journey.

I realised that I want to motivate and inspire others as much as I have been over the many years I have been training. Exercise is about having fun, it’s achieving goals while enjoying it. When your mind is happy your body is happy and the rest all falls into place. I believe everyone should exercise and it is never to late to start, no matter your age or fitness level.

My interests range across a number of modalities, paddle boarding, mountain biking, running and road cycling, but if I can be outside and be active no matter the weather the day is just awesome.

“Your are the driver of your destiny, so stop being a passenger!”

Personal Trainer, Group Trainer, JogSquad Trainer and Business Manager


Fiona Hayvice

For as long as I can remember my commonplace mode of transportation has been foot. Growing up on a farm activities regularly involved bush walks or exploring the Pacific Ocean coastline bordering our property. If it’s not a black tie event, then I’ll most likely show up in my runners with a slight bead on my forehead.

Recently, I’ve been applying my passion for running to compete in ultra-marathons. A major draw card is the opportunity to explore locations that are typically off-limits i.e. government or privately owned land. My adventures have taken me from 60km of undulating gravel on the Waikato River Trail, to 250km through Asia’s largest desert, the Gobi in northwestern China over a period of seven days.

One of the most valuable lessons I have taken from endurance events is that a lack of natural ability can be compensated with dedication and discipline. Training counts; so, come rain or shine, I encourage you to spend time on your feet. Leave only your footprints and you’ll experience the world from a totally different angle to most.

JogSquad Trainer


Felicity Leahy

I work with people to help them overcome chronic health challenges or achieve health goals that they haven’t been able to achieve alone. My aim is for you to take charge of your health and happiness by providing practical tools, education and inspiration. I am a naturopath and medical herbalist – that means I have been trained to look for the underlying cause of health challenges, and address the imbalance with personalised nutrition, lifestyle changes and herbal medicine. It’s not a one-size fits all approach – I don’t advocate one way of eating or living for every person. My job is to help find what works best for you.

I’m a huge fan of exercising, especially in nature, and know the fun of Wild Workouts first hand. I’ve also practiced yoga for 10 years, so I know how connected the mind and body are, and how important our mind is in maintaining a balanced and healthy life. I particularly enjoy the challenges of working with people to turn around habitual patterns that do not serve their health.

In my spare time I love to read, explore Wellington’s trails, practice yoga and attempt to grow food in my back garden.

Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, based at 104 The Terrace, Wellington


Deanne Teague

I started exercise at a young age, then discovered the gym when I was a teen. The gym led me to RPM (indoor spin), which in turn helped me realise my love for cycling. Now I just can’t get enough of it. So I thought I would pass my knowledge as a cyclist onto to others in the hope that they would enjoy it as much as me, and that is why I love take either individuals or groups out and showing them the techniques and skills required to become great cyclists.

As an exercise enthusiast and trained instructor, I know the importance of having a goal or challenge to keep you on track. Cycling is a fun way to get fit. It’s low impact (and therefore friendly on your joints), which means it’s perfect for all ages. Cycling is great for weight management and we all know the benefits of exercise, which include increased energy, better fitness, a healthier state of mind and hopefully better legs!

Through this I started my own cycling squad called GearShifters which offers great guidance through squad training, for men and women, beginner to intermediate cyclists. Training alongside others makes it enjoyable and challenging, and is an excellent way to receive support from the trainers – as well as the rest of the group – to keep you on track and progressing.

Cycling Specialist


Annaliese Devoy

My passion for helping and inspiring others is what lead me to the health and fitness industry. After completing a Bachelor of Science I spent a few years traveling and working in jobs that just didn’t spin my wheels. It was during this time I decided that my job should fall in line with my passion and interests. Sport, exercise and the outdoors have always been and continue to be a huge part of my life therefore moving into the health and fitness industry was a no-brainer really!

As a trainer I encourage positive lifestyle changes to optimise quality of life and work with my clients to bring out the motivation and drive required to achieve the goals they set. While hard work and determination are key to getting results I also place huge value on the enjoyment factor and work with my clients to find a training regime that they enjoy.

Through my own experiences in training, nutrition and general life I have learnt that health and fitness require a holistic approach in that several factors influence how we feel and perform every day both mentally and physically. I am genuinely interested in the human body, health, fitness and general well-being and actively seek opportunities to up-skill and am continuously expanding my knowledge-base.

Mobile Personal Trainer


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