Male and female

As humans we should be moving with meaning, strength and no pain. With our FitStart we aim to get you back to that place of joy and pleasure while working out (even if there is a lot of sweating)

With our FitStart we cater for all fitness abilities and always aim to train in a way that is focused on personal goals within those fitness abilities, while keeping you safe and injury free.

WHERE: Online

Monday: 6:15am HIIT
Wednesday: 6:15am Movement and Core
Friday: 6:15am Strength

Drink bottle
Exercise clothing, pyjamas not acceptable!
You don’t need any equipment but if you have some then keep it on hand for the Friday workout and I’ll let you know where to add it in.

You can join in prior to 6:15 am if you want to have a catch-up via zoom.
6:15 am you will all be muted and we will start.
I’ll do a lot of demonstrating and talking throughout so you know what you are doing.
From time to time I will do a new exercise or something that may need a bit of explaining if this is the case I will send you a video beforehand for you to practice.

Option to join private FitStart Facebook group:

  • I will post a workout if you miss it, you can do it later on. This might differ from that day’s session.
  • You can stay in contact with each other.
  • Challenges.
  • Class reminders.
  • Stretch videos.

Keen? Contact me now!

What our FitStarters say:

“I joined the Wilton FitStart nearly a year ago when I needed to do some strength training to accompany my running. A year later and I am still a regular member at FitStart despite the 6am starts! I can now do exercises that I never dreamed of doing before, all thanks to the awesome energetic trainers who challenge you but at the same time, add a bit of fun so that working out at that time of the morning does not feel like a chore.” Melinda, Ngaio