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Let’s get fit in 2020, so make sure you job fairs near me check out our Fitness Classes and book in for a round now!


Looking for a blast of vibrancy in your life? Searching for something new with the promise of variety and challenge? On the hunt for a passion which feeds your need for achievable goals – no matter your size, shape, age or whether you have ever trained before in your life? Start today by joining one of our famed outdoor or indoor classes: JogSquad; Boxing or mobile one-on-one Personal Training.

Wild Workouts is an outdoor health and fitness company. At Wild Workouts it’s about taking fitness outside and making it fun.

We will help you make the right choices, even though we all know temptation is everywhere! Our philosophy is simple really – eat clean and exercise. Throw the scales out the window and put the energy wasted stressing about your weight and how much you weigh into training, getting up, breathing fresh air deep into your lungs and getting fit.

At Wild Workouts you don’t pay for a membership, you just pay for the group or session you sign up to. Wild Workouts is a fun and effective way to get results fast. Check out our timetable to see how your week could be given a giant spark of joy.

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